In Digital Electronics you will gain skills in basic electronics, logical thinking, problem solving, and trouble shooting. Digital electronics is so imbedded in your daily life, from listening to music to withdrawing money from a bank, that it has invaded many other areas of engineering. By gaining a basic understanding of digital electronics in high school, you are getting a head start on your engineering career – no matter what field you may progress in. 

This course is designed to teach you about applied logic, which introduces you to the basics of electronics and digital systems – the building blocks to many products you use. The course is designed to expose students to engineering design and troubleshooting techniques that are used in the electronics field. Computer simulation software is used to design and test digital circuitry prior to actually constructing them in order to see if the circuits work. The projects are traditional, such as those found in watches, digital cameras, and calculators to combinational logic using SSI chips to small subsystem implementation in programmable devices, in which you will learn how machines “think.” You will also learn a systematic approach that engineers use to design the electronics that is used every day.


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